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Carpentry  /  May 18, 2021

Build a Garden: 5 Ways to Build the Perfect Vegetable Garden in Indianapolis, IN

Build a Garden in Indianapolis, IN, Carmel, IN & Surrounding Areas

From designs, goals, and layouts, there are many steps that go into planning to build a garden. How will you use your garden and what would you like to put into it? If you are ready to start making that plan a reality, here are 5 ways to build the perfect vegetable garden in your home.

As you start brainstorming how to design your garden, a pro-tip is to research the needs of your plants. For example, what amount of sunlight, drainage, and water does your plant need?

Types of Gardens

  1. Elevated gardens are a built frame to hold elevated or raised gardens. That will keep your plants separated from other sections of the garden and save you the hassle of preparing the ground for a garden bed.
  2. Vertical gardens take advantage of the space you have and create beautiful areas. Trellises are a way to go for climbing plants and vines, and they can even create some privacy as well. This is great if you are limited on space. Try this with squash and tomatoes!
  3. If you have a spreading plant that you need to keep separate from the other plants, potted plants are a great way to do this. Add layers to your garden and keep everything conveniently separated.

Additional Tips to Build a Garden

  • Walls, fences, and dividers are a great way to keep plants apart or to keep any local animals and pests out of your garden. These details are not only functional but look great too!
  • Pathways around and between your plants are a customizable detail to make your garden more accessible while maintaining and harvesting your vegetables.

Build a garden for your vegetables today with these top tips. The possibilities are limitless with these ideas from different kinds of gardens, containers, fencing, and more. Create the garden you have always wanted. If you need help constructing any containers or elevated gardens, contact your local craftspeople for some help.

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