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Home Improvement  /  April 23, 2021

Gutter Maintenance Tips in Carmel, IN

Professional Craftsmen Recommend Gutter Maintenance Tips in Carmel, IN & Surrounding Areas

If you are a new homeowner or are looking for gutter maintenance tips around your home, here are some pointers to help. From cleaning and to what type of gutters you may have, there is a lot to learn. Keep on reading to make your seasonal gutter cleaning more efficient.

Gutters are meant to gather water and channel it away from your home. This keeps leaks or seepage away from the foundation of your home and prevents the growth of mold or mildew in your home as well. If your gutters have not been cleaned recently, debris can build up and cause overflows, backups, and damage. If you have never cleaned your gutters and notice that there seems to be some small plants growing on the roof—it’s time to call professional craftsmen to come replace or maintain your gutters.

Types of Gutters

  • Half-Round Gutters: These are common on old homes and are shaped as their name suggests—like a tube that has been cut in half. These direct water from your home but are wide-open to collect and clog with debris.
  • K-Style Gutters: Shaped like the letter “K,” the flat back of these gutters is secured to the fascia board. Their shape makes them harder to clean but they can carry more water.
  • Fascia Gutters: Seamless gutters that are created and installed by professionals.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

Signs of problems with your gutters can be leaking, icicle build up, rusting, or cracks. Install leaf guards to keep your gutters clear of debris. Use a sturdy ladder, gloves, and bucket when cleaning in the spring and fall to make cleaning your gutters easier and safer.

Cleaning your gutters is one of those seasonal tasks that mark each year. If you find you don’t have the time to clean them, or don’t want to get up on the roof, make some calls and see what your local craftsmen in the area can do to help and ask about their services and gutter maintenance tips.

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