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Home Improvement  /  April 6, 2021

Exterior Home Improvement for Your Yard and Exterior of Your Home

Top Exterior Home Improvement Projects in Carmel, IN & Surrounding Areas

With Spring nearly upon us, you might be thinking about how you can improve the exterior of your home. In preparation of these ideas, our craftspeople want to share some of their favorite exterior home improvement projects.

Decks and Patios

Add a new space to your yard with the benefits of a deck or patio. Decks and patios are a great place to relax, be with family, host dinners, and more. Get creative with the different materials, railing, stairways, banisters, and more that can go into these spaces.


Being outdoors, you will want an enjoyable and attractive look to your yard. A great way to achieve this is to plant more trees, shrubs, and flowers. This is a great activity for the family to help each other with and get out to enjoy the sunshine. As you plan where to plant these, projects such as garden walls, ledges, and enclosures are all improvements that can be made to make your yard look groomed and well kept.

If you add trees to your yard, be sure to plant them away from the sidewalk and driveway because the roots, as the tree matures, can grow to crack, or make the cement uneven. Growing near powerlines should be avoided too to save you the maintenance of keeping the trees cut away from them, or the damage caused by down lines in the future.


Lights outside can expand your use of the yard into the evening. LED lights are energy efficient and are a green way to go if you are looking to add lights to the patio or along the house.

These are only a few projects you can tackle to work on exterior home improvement. If you need help, local craftspeople are always near to lend a hand and make your project a reality. Start planning and enjoy the improvements in no time.

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