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Home Improvement  /  March 3, 2021

Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Your Home and Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel: Reliable Professional Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Your Home in Caramel, IN & Surrounding Areas

A bathroom remodel project is full of possibilities. From updating your current bathroom with new fixtures, bathtub, shower, and plumbing—you can also go all out and completely rethink how your bathroom works and how you can make it even better. As you start planning, here are some top remodeling tips from our handymen to help you along the way.

Your Bathroom

First, think about how you currently use your bathroom. How many people use it on a daily basis? What is outdated, and what part do you want to change? Do you have enough storage, or is the ventilation not effective enough? These questions and concerns can help shape your bathroom remodel. It’s important to make sure your remodeling will improve your current situation.

Plan Your Space

Take advantage of the opportunity of a bathroom remodel project and really rethink how you want to use the space in your bathroom. Depending on your budget, you can focus on updating your bathroom, or if you want a complete makeover, there are many changes one can make. For example, maximize your use of the space by expanding cabinetry and storage. Maybe you need an extra sink, or a wet room for a more open floor concept.

Design and Colors

If your bathroom is attached to a master bedroom, you will probably want to keep the color scheme the same. If not, you have opportunities in updating the shower curtain, tiling, even your décor to give the bathroom a new look and feel. Mirrors will make the space feel bigger and brighter if that is something you need. Your flooring can be a customized and stylish pieces too, but make sure you stick to bathroom safe materials that are non-slip and waterproof. For example, wood floors are not ideal for this setting whereas linoleum would be the better choice.

Bathroom Repairs

It’s time for a bathroom remodel if your bathroom is out of date. For example, an old amenity might already have some problems with overrunning or small leaks. If this is the case, this can impact your water bill so it’s important to get these updated as soon as possible. To avoid future damage, make sure the remodeled bathroom has plenty of ventilation so there is no risk for mold or mildew build up.

These insights and tips from our handymen are sure to help you plan your bathroom remodeling. Plan ahead and see how you can improve your bathroom today. Make a space you will enjoy and that will be more efficient for you and your family. 

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