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Home Improvement  /  February 9, 2021

5 Best Ways to Child Proof Your Home and Home Improvement in Carmel, IN

Professional Home Improvement Services and the 5 Best Ways to Child Proof Your Home and Home Improvement in Carmel, IN & Surrounding Areas

If this is your first child, or one of many, it’s never too late to brush up on some child-proofing techniques in and around the home. As a parent, everyday items become hazards to your loved ones if not properly child proofed. Keep on reading to see our top 5 home improvement tips on how to child proof your home.

Home improvement projects for your home with children can be as simple as purchasing and installing child proof locks, guards, and gates.

Cover Outlets

Outlets can look like a tempting place to stick items into. Invest in some outlet covers to prevent any accidents.

Cover Corners

Whether running around or falling into them, hitting a corner can create a worse injury. Make sure the corners in your home are padded or covered. You can use foam or purchase corner guards to do so.

Secure Furniture

Any top-heavy furniture or wobbly items should be bolted in place so the child cannot accidentally knock them over or pull them down on themselves.

Small Items

If your home has several small items from decorations with beading or small pieces, clutter, you might want to invest in storage containers or built-in units to safely put these items away, out of reach.

Put Chemicals Away

All cleaning products and chemicals need to be stored away in a cabinet, closet, or stored where a child proof lock can keep them out of your child’s hands. We know that kids will try to put anything in their mouths or play with anything they discover so keep these safely locked up.

Every step you take to child proof your home will give you a little more piece of mind with the kids. These simple home improvements won’t require many changes around the home. The child locks, gates, and securing your furniture will give them a safer and more controlled environment.

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