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Carpentry  /  January 6, 2021

A Few Simple Steps for a Fantastic Kitchen Remodel

Thinking about updating your kitchen? Have you had enough of your old kitchen? If you haven’t made any changes to your kitchen in a while, then you might be tired of it. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else, so shouldn’t it be every bit as delightful as you’d like it to be? Here are a few cost-effective ways to achieve the kitchen remodel you’re looking for.

A Kitchen Remodel Starts With the Cabinets

You can make a lot of changes to your kitchen, but only revitalizing your cabinets will make your kitchen truly pop. The good news is, you don’t have to install all new cabinets. You can achieve the effect of brand new cabinets by replacing the current  doors with new ones, or by re-staining or re-painting them.

Try a Bold New Paint Job

It’s a common misconception that kitchen walls need to be some shade of white. Your kitchen can be whatever color you choose. A kitchen remodel that incorporates jazzy new walls such as red or green is a great way to update your kitchen without spending much money.

Consider New Flooring

Kitchen floors go through a lot, so if you can take advantage of a kitchen remodel by updating the floors, it can have quite an impact. When it comes to materials, there is no shortage of options. If you have wood floors, they can be re-stained to match your refinished cabinets, but if you want to try something new, look into laminate or vinyl flooring. 

New Lighting

Installing new lights can be a lot of fun. You can install new ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures for a modern look, or add additional lighting under the cabinetry for a dramatic style that’s also functional. It might be time to consider smart lights that can be programmed to give you the exact type of lighting you want whenever you want it.

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