5 Upgrades to Improve Bathroom Safety for Seniors

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It should come as no surprise that bathrooms can become dangerous as we get older. Everyday tasks that were once simple will start to seem more complex when we age, and the hard floors and surfaces that are common in bathrooms become safety hazards for anyone with mobility issues. The good news is there are several modifications that can be made in your bathroom allowing you to continue to live independently well into your senior years. Here are a few helpful upgrades to enhance the bathroom safety in your home.

1.      Grab Bars

One of the biggest challenges that faces seniors is a loss of balance. Having easy to reach grab bars installed help provide security when using the bathroom, and they’re ideal for those with good upper body strength. While one can purchase grab bars that attach via a suction cup, having bars bolted into place by a professional craftsmen is far superior for bathroom safety.

2. Install a Walk-In Bathtub

Few things are more dangerous for seniors than having to get in and out of a bathtub or bathtub shower combo. Climbing over a porcelain wall every day can be avoided by replacing your old-fashioned bathtub with a walk-in tub. Not only are these easy to enter and exit, but they come equipped with a seat, non-stick surfaces, and even hydrotherapy.

3. Raised Toilet Seat

Getting on and off the toilet can present a number of complications for those with mobility issues, making it hard to age in place independently. Having a professional install a raised toilet seat will provide an extra 3 or 4 inches in height, easing the process of sitting and standing. Many raised toilet seats come with handle bars, further improving bathroom safety.

4. Door Fixes

Depending on your age and mobility, there are some changes you can make to the bathroom doors to improve bathroom safety. Having your doors swing outwards, for instance, can provide easier access for emergency workers and caregivers in the event of an accident. Widening your bathroom door may be a necessity as well if you’re using a wheelchair.

5. Improved Lighting

Having a well lit bathroom is essential for providing a safe environment. Make sure your lights are replaced frequently, and that you have adequate lighting at all times. Consider using night lights, and installing motion sensor lighting in the bathroom as well as the pathway to the bathroom to ensure that you’re never left in the dark.

While aging in place presents a challenge, bathroom safety is always a possibility if you’re willing to make a few helpful changes.

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