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Home Improvement  /  October 15, 2020

5 Common Kitchen Problems You Should Have Fixed ASAP

Discover 5 Common Kitchen Problems You Should Have Fixed ASAP in Carmel, IN & Surrounding Areas

If your kitchen is your dream model or has a growing to-do list, there are a few items to pay special attention to as time passes. There are 5 kitchen problems that can happen within your kitchen that need to be fixed as soon as they occur to avoid accumulating costs or damages. With our handyman’s professional advice, here are our top tips.

Before we get to the list, a good piece of advice is to never ignore any odors in your kitchen because it might lead to something in dire need of repair. For example, it might be spoiling food in your refrigerator that stopped working, it might be your garbage disposal backed up, or the sink’s drain is leaking into the cabinet below and causing rot. With these in mind, here are five kitchen problems to fix ASAP.

  1. Leaks: Any leak is a bad leak. Leaks from the sink, dishwasher, or freezer/refrigerator can cause damage and become costly if left to go on for too long.
  • Broken Refrigerator: A broken refrigerator can add up costs with spoiled food, and possible leakage from a melting freezer. If possible, move your food into a cooler with ice, and then call a handyman.
  • Broken Disposal: If your disposal is not working, make sure nothing such as silverware or wash rags have fallen in to jam the device. If not, a build up of food and what was not ground up can cause a back up and poor drainage if the blockage is not cleared or it is not repaired.
  • Broken Microwave: Sometimes cleaning out a microwave and washing down the plate will help it return to normal working order. If not, do not continue to use the microwave due to poor heating and the risk of fire if it has shorted out. A professional might be able to point you to a simple repair or replacement piece once the problem has been identified.
  • Broken Oven: Ovens are made up of many parts. They may need to be recalibrated, a new part such as an element may need to be purchased, but it is always a good idea to contact your local handyman if you are unsure of what is wrong. Replacing an oven is a large undertaking, so a replacement part might be the best option if the oven can be repaired.

With these 5 tips in mind, you are ready to tackle the next kitchen problems that arises in your kitchen. Hiring a professional handyman to take care of the repairs will save you time and effort, as well as the comfort in knowing the job is done right.

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