What You Should Know About Drywall


So you’ve finally decided to finish a room in your house to add additional living space. Maybe it’s the basement or even the attic — but what do you know about drywall? After much deliberation and research, you’ve determined you need help hanging the drywall. The problem is, you’ve never done it before — and now you are wondering where to begin, what you need, or who to hire for help. Not to worry, Handyman Connection is here to help! 

Steps to Hanging Drywall

Measure the Wall

The first thing you are going to need to is to measure the wall that you want to hang drywall on — and do it twice! Make sure that when it is time to cut you make it about ¼ shorter than the measurement. You’ll want a helping hand to prop it up tight against the ceiling.

Screws for the Wall

You will need to drive screws through the drywall sheet and right into the studs. Screws should be about 16 inches apart. You can put a few on top and bottom to start and work your way in.

Plan Everything

Any windows, doors, or figures you plan on hanging drywall around will need to be accounted for if they are not yet installed, so be ready to make adjustments. If these fixtures are already in place, you will need to remove the window trim and fixture covers prior to getting started.

Finishing Touches

After all the drywall is up you will need to install the final panels and work on the corners, seams, and joints, which is usually best left to someone with the experience. You’ll’ want to protect and corners with metal corner bead. When you’re finally finished you will need to prime the walls for paint as well as install baseboards. Paint away, and your room is finished! 

Get Professional Help Today!

Even though drywall can be a DIY project, if you are looking for professional quality, get in touch with one of our expert craftsmen! Handyman Connection of Carmel is here to assist you with drywall repair and installation! Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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