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Handyman Connection of Carmel is thrilled to announce our recognition as one of the Top 3 Handyman Services providers in the Indianapolis, IN, area by ThreeBestRated. This prestigious accolade highlights our unwavering commitment to excellence, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service. Selected through a rigorous 50-point Inspection that evaluates key factors such as customer reviews, history, ratings, and overall excellence, this recognition underscores our consistent delivery of superior home maintenance and repair services in Carmel, Avon, Indianapolis, and surrounding areas.

This honor is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team and the trust and positive feedback from our valued clients. Our wide range of services includes plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting, and general repairs, ensuring homeowners can rely on us for all their maintenance needs. We are committed to maintaining the high level of service that has earned us this recognition and will continue to prioritize customer satisfaction in every project. Contact us today to experience our award-winning services and see how we can help maintain and enhance your home.

Home Maintenance  /  January 27, 2020

Why Is My House So Cold?

“Did someone turn the heat down?”

“Who touched the thermostat?”

“Why is this house always so cold?!”

Nobody likes returning to a cold home in the evenings. But if these are common questions thrown around your house, it may be worth looking around the house to find the real answers.

Before you start the next round of the blame game, consider these 7 reasons your house might be cold this winter:

7 Reasons Your House Is So Cold in the Winter

1. Your windows are old

If you’re always wondering why your house is so cold, start by taking a look at your windows. If your windows are drafty or only have a single pane of glass, chances are they’re not doing a great job of keeping your house warm.

Quick Fix: Seal up your windows with caulk for the winter (or have a general handyman service seal it up for you).

Long-Term Fix: Install new windows that are energy efficient and will keep cold air out while letting warm sunlight in.

2. There are gaps underneath your doors

Like old windows, drafty doors can be a major killer for winter heating bills, especially if they’re exterior doors. Take a look around your home to see if you can identify any problem gaps that might be keeping your home at a less-than-comfortable temperature.

Quick Fix: Use removable draft stoppers to block gaps under doors.

Long-Term Fix: Have a carpentry service replace or refit your doors so they do not let a draft in.

3. Your attic and/or basement need insulating

Unfinished basements and attics can be a heat sucker in the winter, especially if their insulation isn’t up to snuff. If your house is cold all the time, consider beefing up insulation in your home’s unfinished areas.

Quick Fix: Aside from adding carpet tiles or rugs above an uninsulated basement, there is really no quick fix for adding insulation.

Long-Term Fix: Install foam or fill batting in your unfinished basement or attic – if you’re not sure how it’s done, call a pro to handle the insulation installation for you.

4. The heating system isn’t working

If you’re noticing higher heating bills but colder and colder temperatures in your home, your heater may be on the fritz. Another sign of a malfunctioning heater (besides the cold) can include loud, clunky noises coming from inside; this can mean your heater is on its last leg.

Quick Fix: There is no quick fix for a broken heater.

Long-Term Fix: Call an HVAC professional to take a look and fix any issues with your heater.

5. The vents or filter need cleaning

If your vents are backed up with dust, it can prevent your HVAC system from heating your home properly and can reduce your home’s air quality.

Quick Fix: You can clean your own air ducts, but it is a time-intensive, dirty process.

Long-Term Fix: Have an HVAC professional handle the cleaning and filter changing.

6. Your thermostat is in the wrong spot

If your thermostat is in the wrong spot, it can throw off the way your home is heated. For example, if your thermostat sits in a small room that heats up quickly, it will confuse the system and shut off the heat before the rest of the house has a chance to warm up.

Quick Fix: If your thermostat is in a smaller room, try keeping the door open and shutting the air vents in that room so it will heat at a similar rate to the rest of the house.

Long-Term Fix: Have a professional electrician move your thermostat to a spot that won’t confuse the system (this is the most energy-efficient solution and will save you more on heating bills in the long run).

7. Your chimney flue is open

Did you remember to shut the damper after your last fire? If not, your house could be cold due to heat escaping from your chimney. Always remember to shut the flue the morning after you’ve lit a fire (just make sure the fire is totally out and finished smoldering before you shut it).

If you have a non-functioning fireplace, it may pay to check and see if it is properly and permanently shut up.

Quick Fix: For non-functioning fireplaces, use a chimney balloon to block the cold. For functioning fireplaces, just make sure to close the flue when it’s not in use.

Long-Term Fix: For non-functioning fireplaces, reach out to a fireplace and chimney professional to see about getting it permanently closed up. For functioning fireplaces, call an expert to see if your damper needs fixing.

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