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Home Improvement  /  December 18, 2019

What to Consider When Choosing Home Security Products

Over the last few years, the home security market has skyrocketed, with self-installed devices like front door monitors, security cameras and alarm systems becoming increasingly popular. All of these products are designed to keep homes safe – but what’s the best type of product for your home? And should you let a pro handle the installation?

With so many different options available, it’s harder than ever to know which ones are right for your home. If you need help deciding, a local electrical handyman can let you know the best products for your needs based on your home’s setup, and ensure that they’re installed correctly so that you and your family are always protected.

3 Popular Home Security Devices & What to Consider Before Installing

Here are three of the most popular home security options, and what to keep in mind before tackling the installation yourself:

1. Front Door Cameras

Cameras are often the first products that come to mind when you think ‘home security.’ Some cameras, like the Ring Peephole Cam which can be installed over a front door’s peephole, are battery operated. While battery-operated cameras are convenient, you’ll have to remember to charge and replace the batteries every 40 to 60 days or so. If you forget to do this, you could risk losing access to your camera, leaving any Amazon packages, or possibly your home, vulnerable to thieves.

For set-it-and-forget-it peace of mind, you may want to opt for a wired camera system, like the Google Nest Hello or Ring Video Doorbell. Being connected to your home’s electricity will ensure you’ll always be covered. While DIY installation can be tricky, these home security cameras can quickly and easily be wired to your doorbell by a local electrical handyman.

2. Security Alarms

An alarm system can be a great backup for dealing with an active home invasion. There’s comfort in knowing you’ll be protected if something goes bump in the night, giving you added security. Simplisafe is an incredibly popular home security option with a relatively easy installation process. Most of its components are battery-operated, and have a solid battery life of three to five years. However, it’s crucial to make sure each of the sensors is set up properly. Incorrect placement can cause false alarms – or worse, missed alerts – so if you need help setting up your system, you may want to hire a general handyman expert who can help.

If you’re still not on board with battery-operated options, an electrical handyman can help you install a wired system like the Honeywell VISTA-20P.

3. Smart Home Devices

Smart home hubs are a great way to centralize existing security alarms and cameras, but they can also allow you to get creative with your security measures. For example, if you’re ever out of town, some smart hubs can allow you to lock and unlock doors for house sitters, or even set timers for lights to deter any watchful burglars in the neighborhood. Google Nest provides a number of connected smart home options that a local electrical handyman can help you install.

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Regardless of what kind of security system you’re looking for, Handyman Connection of Carmel can help you put it in place. Our local electrical handyman team will walk through your home and help you install the right security products for you and your family’s needs.

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