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Drywall  /  May 27, 2019

The Most Common Drywall Mistakes DIYers Make

Drywall installation ranks among the favorite DIY projects for homeowners since drywall installers are often in short supply. If you have the experience, this can be an easy thing to do, and you may be able to perfectly pull off the project. However, if you’re lacking experience in this area, then you might find yourself making these common mistakes in the process.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting a smooth surface for your drywall. However, DIY drywallers sometimes get too aggressive in their sanding and accidentally sand into the paper or fiberglass tape that covers the seam. This can compromise the installation’s integrity, and you might have to re-tape the seams.

Screws Puncture the Paper

Some homeowners drive the screw too deep into the drywall that they break the paper face’s surface. This can pose a huge problem for you because, once this paper face is broken, the screw’s holding power is lost, rendering it useless.

Tight Joints

People tend to think that the tighter the joints are, the better. This isn’t actually the case as tightening the joints can lead to breaking the drywall in unexpected ways. It also prevents the natural seasonal expansion of the wood framing and can crack the joints if this happens while they’re too tight.

Failed Joints

All the joints between the drywall panels should fall over the framing members so both edges can be screwed down securely. While this is the ideal condition, it’s not always possible as a seam between panels falls over the air in some situations. This hanging joint can cause joint failure and cause visible cracks in your drywall.

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