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handyman connection  /  March 19, 2019

Install a Pre-Made Medicine Cabinet

Round out your bathroom remodeling project with a brand-new medicine cabinet. You don’t need to be an expert carpenter and build one from scratch. These days, you can get amazing prefab medicine cabinets for cheap, and they’re so easy to install almost anybody can do it. Let our professional craftsmen from Handyman Connection® of Carmel Indiana show you how.

Materials and Equipment

  • Prefab medicine cabinet

  • Wood screws

  • Phillips screwdrivers

  • Hand drill, cordless

  • One-eighth inch drill bit

  • Spirit level or torpedo level


  1. If you’re renovating your bathroom, pre-cut an area on the drywall where you plan on placing the medicine cabinet. Adjust the opening so the assembly fits snugly and sits flush against the wall.

  2. Prepare the medicine cabinet by unscrewing the mirror and doors. You’ll be moving the cabinet around a lot during the installation so it’s best to get these parts out of the way first.

  3. Place the medicine cabinet inside the opening. Check the level of the placement to ensure that everything is square and plumb. For tight surfaces, you may use a two-inch torpedo level to check the horizontal alignment.

  4. Drill one-eighth inch pilot holes through the cabinet walls and into the wall studs in the drywall. Check that they’re aligned before proceeding.

  5. Using a Phillips screwdriver and the wood screws, secure the cabinet in place. It’s best to use about two wood screws per section inside the cabinet. This guarantees that your new installation will not wobble when finished.

  6. Once the main assembly is installed, reattach the door and mirror. Most of the time, this only takes replacing a few screws on the hinge and latch.

  7. Repeat the procedures for all bathrooms in your home.

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