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Home Maintenance  /  October 11, 2018

How to Check for Air Leaks in Windows

Air leakage can make your home less energy efficient. Most of these problematic air leaks originate from the windows – ironically, the part of your property that’s supposed to keep these leaks away and to be as airtight as possible.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Carmel shares how to detect and solve these window air leaks.

Frame Leak

Most air leaks originate from the frame and are usually the result of it shrinking in place. Frame shrinkage occurs over time as the window ages and is a sign that the window itself is about to reach the end of its service life.

Frame shrinkage is harmless until it causes noticeable drafts, noticeable enough to have an impact on your energy bills and comfort. Solving this problem is easy though as all you really need to do is replace the frame itself. We recommend switching to a more shrink-resistant material, such as vinyl and aluminum. 

Damaged Frames

The air leak might also originate from a crack on the frame. When patching up your window, you have to be mindful of the glazing and the rest of the window.

You do this by applying caulking or weatherstripping on the frame. Admittedly, this is a temporary solution, but it will stop the air leaks completely until you plan your next replacement project.

Improper Installation

Stopping an air leak due to improper installation is very difficult as there’s really no visual difference between a proper and improperly installed window. You can check, however, by rattling the windows. If the window does rattle, then there’s definitely a leak as the frame will only move if it’s not properly fastened to the space on the wall.

Another way you can check is by looking for small spots or gaps between the frame and the wall space where light is entering your windows. While small and barely noticeable, air can still pass through here and affect the interior climate of your home.

Handyman Connection of Carmel is ready to assist you in solving these pesky air leaks. Call us today at (317) 342-2040, or fill out our form to learn more about our services.

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