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Home Improvement  /  November 13, 2015

Types of Exterior Doors


The front door on your home is the way you welcome guests, which means that you want a front door that matches your personality. While your home may be filled with interior doors that offer varying levels of privacy, there are normally a small amount of exterior doors that offer security and protection from the elements.

Each exterior door should be chosen to match its purpose, and you can use Handyman Connection of Carmel to handle the installation once you decide on the perfect exterior door for your home. But you can also do yourself a favor and learn about the basic types of exterior doors so that you can have an idea of what you will be looking for.


To start off this conversation about exterior doors, we will begin with the materials used to make the large majority of doors on homes and offices. The truth is that most doors are either wood, metal or fiberglass, and the door you buy depends solely on your preferences and needs.


Wood is the most common exterior door material, and it is used all over the country. The benefits of a good wood door include a great look, durability and versatility. A wood door can be fashioned into a variety of designs, and the classic look of a wood exterior door fits into most design schemes.

While wood doors look great, they don’t last as long as metal or fiberglass doors. Another issue with wood doors is they expand and contract with the changes in the weather. Be sure to talk to your door installer about leaving some room in the door frame for the door to expand.


Metal doors tend to be used in utility areas such as the back entrance of the house, and the side entrance of the garage. Metal doors offer a tremendous amount of security and durability, and they are also insulated to help save on your energy bills. A well-built metal door can be the ideal solution for the parts of your home that are not easily seen from the street, but are still protecting the vital access points of your home.


Fiberglass doors can be made to look like any kind of wood door on the market, but they are lighter and less expensive. Fiberglass doors are also filled with insulation to help maintain the energy bills, and they do not expand with changes in the weather. Fiberglass doors are relatively new, but they are rapidly gaining in popularity.

Door Accents

Most door manufacturers offer accents to their exterior doors that add another level of style and functionality. In most cases, you can get the door without the accents and save some money. But it never hurts to consider a door with a little extra style to help improve the curb appeal of your home.

Side Windows

Many front exterior doors come with the option to add side windows that look great, and offer another way to see who is standing on your front porch.

Glass Inserts

You will find that some door designs allow you to replace the center panel with a double-pane window. Some of these glass inserts come with elaborate frosted designs, or you can request a custom design be added based on your specifications. If you want to create a custom front door that allows the sunlight into your home, then consider a glass insert.

Choosing an exterior door is an important part of enhancing the curb appeal for your home. When you want your home to look its best, take the time to find the perfect exterior door that puts your personality on display and then turn to Handyman Connection of Carmel to install your new door. Fill out a form or call (317) 886-1747 to schedule an estimate.

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