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Home Improvement  /  September 19, 2015

Tips and Ideas for Engaging Basement Remodels

Whether you own a tiny cottage or a multistory mansion, chances are that space is a premium in the place you call home. Sometimes the problem is lack of room for a growing family. Your wish list might include adding a rec room for the kids, creating a home theater for family nights or finding room for a quiet retreat where you can escape to unwind at the end of a hectic day. Offering a less expensive alternative to an addition or major remodel, a basement makeover can provide you with that extra square footage you need to make the most of your life at home.

At Handyman Connection of Carmel, we specialize in basement upgrades. These tips and ideas our savvy experts have accumulated over many years of experience may inspire you to transform your underutilized basement into the favorite room in your home.

Social Spaces

Unfinished basements offer wonderful opportunities to create expansive entertainment spaces, from game rooms equipped with pool tables, pinball machines and bridge tables to children’s play rooms. To create an inviting environment, position the main socializing area where it will receive some natural light so that the room is as welcoming in the daytime as it is at night. Place any big-screen TV or home theater screen in a place not subject to glare, and set up the snack or beverage bar in a spot where everyone can access refreshments without interrupting game play or movie watching.

Illuminate the Space

The last thing you want is for your new basement to feel dark and dreary, so be sure to include extra lighting when making plans for your remodel. Recessed light fixtures are great options for basement makeovers because they can direct light exactly where it’s needed without taking up any visual space. Choosing furnishings and accessories with reflective finishes like glass, mirrors and polished metals helps too. Light will bounce off the surfaces and help chase away shadows from the corners.

A Room for All Seasons

Your basement remodel should result in a room you can use and enjoy no matter what the weather is outside. Insulating the exterior walls can help make the space comfortable in any season. The traditional method of finishing outer walls is to waterproof the surface with a vapor barrier, add a layer of rigid foam insulation, and then install a stud frame and drywall. If you need thinner walls, low-profile insulated panel systems are available that can be affixed directly to the surface.

Practical Considerations

When executed to perfection, a basement remodel can raise the value of your home as well as your spirits, so it makes sense to ensure that you get the biggest return from your investment. A free, no-obligation project estimate from the pros at Handyman Connection of Carmel can save you time and money down the road. We’ll check the space for signs of moisture intrusion, suggest solutions and make sure that any planned improvements are up to code. Handyman Connection of Carmel is your source for all the information and services you need to gain space at home for an engaging new living area.

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