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Garage  /  June 18, 2021

Professional Garage Storage Advice and How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space


Make the Most out of Your Garage Storage and How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space in Canton, OH & Surrounding Areas

If you have a bicycle, you know that it takes up a lot of space, no matter where you put it. If you store your bike in the garage, here is how you can not only organize your garage space to be more efficient but how you can get the bike up out of the way to make the garage less of a hassle.

Garage Clutter

It’s important to have your garage storage organized for several reasons. If boxes, your bike, and more take up too much room, this can be dangerous for the number of tripping hazards all these items on the ground can create. Also, if you are rushing in and out of your car, this just increases your risk of an accident from falling or breaking something. If you can’t remember what all is stored haphazardly in your garage, it’s time to go through and see what you can get rid of first.

How to Organize Your Garage

First, everything will need a designated space, and everything will need to be up off the floor. Custom shelving creates great spaces to store your newly organized and labeled boxes. Each box will be clearly labeled so you know what it contains from holiday ornaments to gardening tools. If you have a craftsperson in your family, hang a pegboard above their workbench to conveniently keep tools in reach.

Bicycle Storage

Bikes can be stored up out of the way on the wall or ceiling thanks to anchored hooks. Hang them from their wheels or handlebars to keep them out of the way but right there when you go for your next ride.

Organize your garage storage with these helpful tips. Custom shelving, pegboards, hooks, and more will give you what you need to make this a reality. Get organizing and reclaim your garage today.

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