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Home Improvement  /  April 23, 2021

Build a Garden Tips: 5 Ways to Build the Perfect Herb and Vegetable Garden in Canton, OH

Professional Advice on How to Build a Garden with 5 Ways to Build the Perfect Herb and Vegetable Garden in North Canton, OH & Surrounding Areas

With spring already here, it is the perfect time to plan any landscaping or gardening in your yard. Here are our 5 top ways on how to build the perfect herb and vegetable garden. Keep on reading to learn more.

Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Beds are beds that are raised up to separate plants from others. This is ideal for smaller pieces of property and is easier to maintain for the gardens smaller size. Small walls or borders will need to be constructed to contain the soil and material. These can be made of wood, stone, plastic, and much more.


Your garden doesn’t have to be the classic plants-in-the-ground set up. Get creative and build or have local craftspeople build planters that can be vertical or hung from the wall. Live walls of herbs can be a great screen or border to a porch or patio. A live wall can be used as a decoration inside and outside but be sure to create it so the moisture is contained.


Fencing, walls, and barriers are all optional for gardens, but they bring in so much character, a neat look, and might help to keep local pests out if you are trying to grow vegetables and herbs. The finishing touch to build a garden is to add a border.


Give your garden a final touch with paths through or around it with stone pavers, cobblestone, and more. This gives you a nice surface to work from when weeding and just makes everything look nice and complete.


Make sure it is easy to access. If you decide to make a large garden area, how will you get to the middle to harvest or weed if the plants are not spaced properly or you have no room to walk to them. Raised beds can often be long but not wide so they are accessible from all sides. This will make maintenance easier.

Build a garden and make it perfect by adding fencing, raising the bed, and more. Customize and create a space that you can enjoy and use.

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