Hello, my name is Alex Campbell.

Owner & General Manager

I have been involved with the Handyman Connection Franchise system since 2000.

Starting off in the Calgary, AB location with my father and sister as a Customer Service Representative and naturally progressing into the Office Manager, onto the General Manager, and then finally made the leap into the owner position with my wife and partner Christina, with the purchase of the Red Deer location in 2004, the official purchase of Calgary in early 2013, and our newest addition to the franchise family of the Victoria, BC location in 2013.

I pride myself on honesty, integrity and just simply providing a trustworthy customer service support system for homeowners and Craftsmen alike.

Outside of the Handyman Connection life, I have been married for 20 years, have 3 great children, 2 of which are pursuing their dreams currently in University, and the youngest set to graduate high school this year. You can also find me pursuing my passion as an amateur musician playing Rock and Roll on the weekends in various clubs in and around the city.


A Little Bit About Us

When it comes to your home improvement projects our craftsmen have the expertise to get the job done and done right. Each one of our craftsmen has over ten years of experience and have all gone through a thorough background check. Handyman Connection of Calgary's team of professionals is passionate about taking your home improvement dreams and making them a reality.


Our Members

Christina Campbell

Our Home Improvement Team – Handyman Connection | Calgary

  • I started off with Handyman Connection back in 1998, assisting the family on a part time basis as they got the business off the ground. As I have changed roles to General Manager and owner, I have enjoyed the experiences of working with the entire Handyman Connection crew of talented craftsmen locally, as well as owners and managers across Canada and the US.

    We continue to work with only the best trades in our area, and are proud to provide a quality service to our valued Clients time and time again.
    Outside of the office, I enjoy golfing, hiking, travelling and taking photos by mass volumes! I have been married for 21 years, and have 3 great kids I am very proud of!

Kelly LeBlacnc
Customer Service Representative

Our Home Improvement Team – Handyman Connection | Calgary

  • Before moving to Calgary in 2009, I lived in Montreal for 25 years but am originally from the East coast.
    My background is primarily customer service and hotel management so I love having a daily connection with the public and getting to know interesting people.
    I have my very own “handyman” at home, along with a teenage daughter.

Robert Baker
Renovation Carpenter

Robert B Renovation Carpenter

  • Robert had followed his Father into the construction industry over 25 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since! He developed his trade at SAIT as a Cabinet Maker, and has found an absolute passion for finishing carpentry in general. His numerous years in the business has allowed him to become diverse in the industry and is extremely capable of other remodeling requirements, but still does see custom wood working projects as his first love!

    Robert has been working with Handyman Connection since 2001, and enjoys the ability to use different tools and his skills in different applications with our clients. Removing Robert from the administration components allows him to focus on his skills and inherent desire to truly help people with their needs and requirements.

    Robert is also a very devout Husband, Father of 4, and Grandfather of 5, and prides himself with his involvement with his local church, friends and neighbors. Robert has also volunteered with his church, taking his tools and talents to Honduras to help that community with the building of a new orphanage, and other types of assistance with his trade in this area.

Ross Cotton
Renovation Carpenter

Ross C Renovation Carpenter

  • Ross has been involved in the construction industry for well over 25 years.

    He found an interest during a time when some family members were involved in the trade and found he had a great talent for woodworking. Although Ross has some interesting stories of different directions he attempted, he truly found his calling in the Cabinetry end of the business.

    Originally from the Vancouver area, he has been a Calgary resident for over 25 years, and really enjoys the proximity of the Rocky Mountains as Ross is an avid hiker and outdoorsman.

    Ross has been working with Handyman Connection since February of 2010, and absolutely loves the diversity of work and clientele that Handyman Connection can deliver to him on a daily basis, as he is always up to any challenge that presents itself to him.

    Ross’ biggest achievements and source of pride in his life, are his children, all grown up now and on their own path to success just like their Father.

    Outside of his countless hiking trips, Ross also enjoys cooking, and reading in his spare time.

David Harrison
Renovation Carpenter

Dave H- Renovation Carpenter

  • David has been living in the Calgary area since 1999, and has been working with Handyman Connection since 2005.

    Originally from the Montreal area, he found himself being drawn to the Alberta economy with the abundance of work in his trade. David originally got into the trade with his Father who also provided this skill as a living for himself as well.  Along the way, David found an incredible interest and talent in the renovation part of the trade and really enjoys being able to utilize a variety of different skills, and tools on a daily basis, rather than being “confined” to one specialty.

    David has been applying his trade for well over 40 years, and has had some great experiences along the way in developing his craft. One of his most memorable time frames in this trade was the opportunity to travel to Japan and assist in the construction of 27 houses built for Canadians living in the area.

    David loves to travel with his wife as much as they can, and although they do not have kids themselves, they do enjoy spending time with their nieces and nephews.


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