Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

small kitchen remodel

Small kitchens can be big on functionality and if you indeed, have a small kitchen, it may be time to embrace the size and maximize the space as best as you can! Call Handyman Connection of Calgary for some expert help so we can get planning your small kitchen remodel to a more efficient and functional space. We suggest these ideas to get started!

  • Utilize your vertical space by installing cabinets or ladder shelves to create storage right up to the ceiling without taking up any floor space. Pot racks from the ceiling will also declutter your counters
  • Purchase wall-mounted or magnetic storage pieces for utensils or spice containers to create more counter space for prep and cooking
  • Move your occasional use items like holiday dishes or platters to a storage space in the house to have more room in the kitchen for everyday items
  • Purchase a rolling or moveable island to add more counter and storage space that can be moved in any direction depending what your kitchen is being used for
  • Natural light makes any room look larger and less cluttered – keep your windows open
  • Dark colors will “close in” a room – try and keep your palette light and airy to create a larger look

“Tiny house living” is all the rage right now and it is very easy to find quick DIY ideas to create a small space into a maximized living area. If you would like help with the task, call Handyman Connection of Calgary for your free evaluation quote.

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