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If you have been noticing that no matter how much you clean your house, there is still always clutter, this does not mean you need to hold a garage sale and get rid of it. Handyman Connection of Calgary is positive the storage space is there, it just needs to be maximized! Below are some shelving and organization solutions to ensure you hold onto your keepsakes.

Closets – Although there are many professional closet solutions you can invest in, there are also many ideas you can do on your own that will also give you the space you need for your clothes. Shoe racks make it easier to keep shoes together and can also be a shelf for keeping other closet items close by. Tiered clothes hangers allow you to hang multiple items as well as large hooks on the walls. A vacuum bag system is great to store winter clothes in the summer months and vice versa.

Kitchen – To maximize your kitchen cabinet space, install a spinning shelf unit in the corner and install hooks along the bottoms of your cabinets for mugs. Another organizing trick for the kitchen to access your cooking items better is to invest in a small island. With more storage and counter space, your kitchen can become safer as well.

Garage – Three things are needed to ensure your garage is a storage haven. Storage shelves with plastic totes will keep a variety of items off the floor and in one area. Cabinets on wheels create a convenient storage space as well as peg boards as they keep power tools readily available.

Laundry Room – A great solution to get clutter off the ground and organize the laundry room is to buy adjustable shelving racks and use baskets. Not only is the mess off the floor but you can also sort your laundry and ironing supplies.

Call Handyman Connection of Calgary today for your free, no obligation evaluation to find that extra storage space in your home! The possibility of space is endless in each home – it just needs to be found!

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