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Home Improvement  /  January 28, 2020

Optimizing the 3 Kitchen Storage Zones

You might be familiar with the kitchen work triangle. This is a design concept that is used to make cooking in the kitchen much more efficient. Interestingly enough, this triangle concept can be applied to other areas of the kitchen as well.
Sink Storage Zone
The three kitchen storage zones correspond to the tree main workstations in a kitchen work triangle. We’ll start with the sink storage zone. Focus on improving this area’s storage efficiency. Think about what types of cabinets that will work best in this area. You’ll probably use these cabinets to store your plates, glassware, bowls and silverware. In addition, make sure to keep the countertops next to the sink clear of appliances. You can use this extra space for a drying rack.
Stove Storage Zone
The stovetop is one of the busiest areas of the kitchen. We recommend dedicating one cabinet next to the oven for the things you use when cooking and another cabinet for the pots and pans. We also recommend keeping the countertop next to the stovetop clear so you can easily transfer food to serving trays or move pots off the stove. You should also store spices within reach of the stove.
Refrigerator Storage Zone
We recommend placing the refrigerator and its storage spaces at the closest point to where you come in with the groceries. You shouldn’t cross through the other parts of the kitchen to reach the refrigerator. Use the cabinets and cupboards near your refrigerator to store your dry ingredients. You should also consider storing things like mixing bowls and baking utensils nearby.
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