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Home Improvement  /  October 17, 2019

3 Steps For Painting Your Bathroom Properly

Painting your bathroom a new color is a relatively quick and affordable way to transform its appearance and make it more appealing. However, you shouldn’t take this project lightly. You’ll need to approach it the right way because painting the bathroom is a bit trickier than painting the other rooms of a house. 

1. Use the Right Kind of Finish

We recommend using either a satin or semi-gloss finish for your bathroom painting project. These finishes are durable and easy to clean. You can use them on the bathroom ceiling, walls, vanity and trim. However, these finishes draw attention to any kind of imperfection on the painting surface. You’ll need to prepare the walls and make them as smooth as you can for the best results.

2. Prepare the Surfaces

The surfaces you plan to paint need to be dry and clean. They should also have no traces of mildew because mildew can prevent paint from properly adhering. It can also bleed through the finish, ruining your paint’s appearance. To remove mildew, first, make a solution of one part bleach to three parts water. Second, open up a window, or run the exhaust fan. Third, dip a sponge into the solution, and remove the mildew. Fourth, wipe down the surface with clean water, and wait for it to dry before painting.

3. Paint the Bathroom

Painting a bathroom can be complicated because of all the nooks and crannies. Protect the areas you aren’t painting by applying painter’s tape. You should also use a sash brush with a tapered tip for better control. Once you’ve applied your paint, wait for it to dry overnight before using your bathroom. Splashing water can cause the paint to soften and run if it’s not sufficiently dry.

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