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Home Improvement  /  June 6, 2019

5 Signs Your Low Water Pressure Is Due to Plumbing Problems

Poor water pressure can be very frustrating and can even affect your water bills. Inadequate pressure can be signs of issues.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Boise discusses the five signs your low water pressure is caused by bigger plumbing problems.

  1. You’re the Only One Affected – One way to determine if your low water pressure is caused by plumbing problems is by asking your neighbors. See if they’re also facing water issues and if they are, then the problem doesn’t lie with your home alone. However, if it becomes clear that you’re the only one facing low water pressure, then there might be an underlying problem with your plumbing that requires the attention of a professional.

  1. Regulator – Once you’ve determined that the water pressure issues are only occurring in your home, check your water pressure regulator. If neither the water meter nor the main shut-off valve on the street are turned off, your regulator might be functioning poorly, and it can result in gradual drops in water pressure.

  1. Leaks – Leaks from damaged pipes are another possible cause of low water pressure. The water can slowly seep into your home, damage the walls and ceilings, and reduce your overall water pressure. You can determine if you have leaks by turning off the water meter and observing the meter’s number; a change in your meter reading means there’s a leak.

  1. Faucets – On the other hand, if your water pressure gauge has a normal reading, but you’re still experiencing low water pressure in your home, examine your faucets and shower heads. It’s possible that the only reason for this is mineral buildup on the fixtures, greatly affecting your water flow.

  1. Clogged Pipes – After years of use, it’s likely that your water supply pipes will have buildup and residue that can decrease the amount of water flowing through them; this can cause low water pressure in your home. This is a common problem with iron and galvanized pipes so it’s best to call a plumbing professional like Handyman Connection of Boise to determine the next course of action.

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