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Home Improvement  /  February 5, 2019

3 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

The quality of your home’s indoor air is crucial to the health and comfort of your family. Given that air in your home is said to be much more polluted than the air outside, it is imperative that you address it regularly. In today’s post, the experienced home maintenance and improvement pros of Handyman Connection® of Boise offers three ways you can boost the indoor air quality in your property.

1. Get Yourself a Reliable Vacuum Cleaner

Common respiratory illnesses are often brought about by household dust settling on floors, walls, upholstered furniture and carpet edges. These come from particles such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites. Every time you clean your room, make it a point to use a vacuum cleaner. It must have strong suction and a set of brushes. More importantly, it must have a HEPA filter.

2. Open Your Windows Up

The quality of indoor air worsens when your home lacks ventilation. While it is good to rely on your HVAC system for comfort, relying on it too much may cause you to feel damp while inside your room. Open your windows to let fresh air in and take out damp, sticky air.

3. Track Down and Eliminate the Source

Eliminating the source that causes the quality of indoor air to plummet is considered the most effective solution. Asbestos, for instance, must be contained and sealed in older homes. Another way to do so involves reducing emissions. For example, when you do a home remodel, you can use low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints. Gas stoves, which are known for lowering indoor air quality, can be replaced with electric-powered alternatives.

Improving your home’s indoor air quality must be part of your home maintenance checklist. Fortunately, Handyman Connection of Boise can help you with this task. We can assist you in improving your home, from replacing your old windows to other projects. Call (208) 268-0088 to get started. You may also fill out our contact form to request an estimate.

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