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Home Improvement  /  January 10, 2019

5 Ways to Childproof Your Home

Your home is your safe space, but the degree of safety it offers might not even be enough for an inquisitive toddler. So, you need to take precautions to protect your children.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Boise lists five ways you can childproof your home.

1.    Install Gates

This is mandatory for childproofing and is a great way to control where your child moves around in the house. The safety gates are best installed in open entryways and on the stairs. We recommend the straight slat gate style over the classic accordion-style gates as the former’s design is safer, and it’s impossible for a child to climb over it.

2.    Cover the Outlets

Outlets are spread throughout your house and pose a real danger to curious hands. Use plastic outlet covers to secure these outlets when not in use. The best outlet covers are ones with a sliding safety latch as they stay secure, but they are still easy for you to remove.

3.    Mount the TV

We recommend mounting the television instead of placing them on top of a stand. An overly excited child may attempt to climb the stand, and the TV may fall on them. By anchoring the TV to the wall, you prevent this from happening.

4.    Cover the Fireplace

Install a heat-resistant gate on the fireplace to avoid burns or cuts on a sharp, stony hearth. Additionally, you should store fire-stoking tools and firewood out of reach of children when not in use.

5.    Store Medicine Up High

The last thing you want is for your child to get their hands on medicine that could be toxic to them. Store these along with other potentially toxic substances in a cabinet or storage area that’s too high for them to reach.

These are just the basics of childproofing your home. Let Handyman Connection of Boise help you with the rest of your safety remodeling project. Fill out our form, or give us a call at (208) 268-0088 to get an estimate on our home improvement services.

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