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Home Improvement  /  November 7, 2018

Make a Room Look Less Tacky by Fixing the Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings look outdated, act as a major dust magnet and are rather difficult to repair and clean. It’s no wonder why many homeowners want to remove them. Fortunately, there are quick and effective ways to deal with a popcorn ceiling. Handyman Connection® of Boise discusses these methods below.

Cover the Popcorn Ceiling With Drywall

If you live in an older home, then your popcorn ceiling might have lead or asbestos. Fortunately, you can still cover it up and make the ceiling look better. You do this by attaching ceiling-grade gypsum board over the current popcorn ceiling. Remember to securely screw it into the framing. You should be skilled at mudding and taping for a seamless result. When done correctly, this method will lead to the smoothest possible finish.

Skim Coat It With Plaster

This method is best done by homeowners who want to preserve or recapture the history of their home while still removing a popcorn ceiling. Clean and prepare the existing substrate with quick-set drywall mud, and then apply a bonding agent like joint compound. Next, use a trowel or knife to apply a finishing compound and create a new texture for the ceiling.

Scrape the Popcorn Ceiling

Get a 4-inch drywall knife or utility knife, and chip away at the popcorn ceiling until you create a smooth surface. To erase any imperfections from this process, skim the ceiling with a thin layer of joint compound, sand it smooth, and then repaint it. However, you should consult an expert about testing your popcorn ceiling for asbestos or lead before chipping away at your ceiling.

Removing the popcorn ceiling can make a room look less outdated. For best results, however, you should paint the rest of the room. Handyman Connection of Boise is an experienced home improvement company, and we can transform a room’s appearance with a fresh coat of paint. We can also help you with a wide range of remodeling and home maintenance services. Fill out a form or call (208) 504-1235 to schedule an estimate.

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