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Home Improvement  /  November 21, 2018

4 Affordable Home Storage Solutions to Eliminate Clutter

Eliminating the clutter in your home is a simple and inexpensive way to improve your home’s organization, comfort and aesthetics. A well-organized home is a beautiful one. Lack of storage is the primary reason for your place to look messy. Handyman Connection® of Boise lists four storage solutions that help eliminate clutter.

  1. Mirror Cabinets – Mirror cabinets aren’t just for bathrooms and kitchens anymore, and many modern mirror cabinets aren’t swing-out anymore. Some mirror cabinets simply have a small shelf underneath the mirror where you can store items ranging in size from an umbrella to small odds and ends. Mirror cabinets can work with most rooms because they come in many designs and styles.

  1. Canvas Baskets – Canvas baskets are pleasing to look at while also offering plenty of storage. They are particularly well-suited for soft items like blankets or stuffed animals. The best part about canvas baskets is that you can actually create them on your own. You just need a few yards of canvas, some paint and sewing skills.

  1. Rolling Storage – The space beneath your couch or bed is underutilized. Invest in some rolling storage, and you can greatly reduce the clutter around your home. Plastic organizers are affordable, but you can also customize some crates to add a bit of charm to your rolling storage units.

  1. Tin Can Organizers – This is an affordable and eco-friendly way to add some storage to your home. Tin cans have a lot of potential. You can make them look like practically anything you want. The design of your upcycled tin can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. We suggest using them as containers for your study and office spaces, and for storing pencils, pens, clips, scissors and other items.

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