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Home Improvement  /  August 13, 2018

Simple Ways You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s not a stretch to say that your home’s comfort is regulated by how good the indoor air quality is. Maintaining good air quality in your home isn’t as complex as it sounds; there are actually a few simple ways you can do this throughout the year.

In this post, our team from Handyman Connection® of Boise discusses how you can improve and maintain your home’s indoor air quality. 

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Stale air that’s not ventilating properly will drive down your home’s indoor air quality. The fact that volatile organic compounds thrive in this kind of air makes it worse for family members with allergies. You can improve this through proper ventilation, which can either be mechanical or natural.

Mechanical ventilation involves using outdoor air intakes that are usually attached to your heating, ventilation or your air conditioning unit. Natural ventilation is something you have more control over and is as simple as opening the windows and doors when the air in your house gets too stuffy for your taste. 

Repair the AC and Heating Units

Heating and cooling units that are in disrepair aren’t just inefficient; they may be the source of your diminishing indoor air quality. This is especially true for AC units that don’t properly filter dust and other volatile compounds. By repairing your damaged units and keeping the filters clean, you can prevent your heating and cooling units from reducing your home’s indoor air quality.

Clean the Rugs

Dirty rugs and carpets are hubs for all manner of bugs and mold and mildew. If these are left festering in the rugs and carpets, they’ll eventually spread throughout your home. That can aggravate allergies and eventually become a real health risk. You can avoid this by making sure the rugs and carpets are cleaned regularly. 

Air Cleaners

Finally, you can buy and add air cleaners to your home. These range from the affordable table-top models to more sophisticated, whole-house systems that are better at removing particles in the air. 

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