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Home Maintenance  /  January 11, 2018

Tips on Finding Wall Studs Without an Electronic Stud Finder

It’s important to find the support beams behind your drywall before you attach the mounting hardware for your picture frames and other decorations. These support beams are called wall studs, and they are sturdy enough to support the weight of your stuff. If you just attach the mounting hardware on the drywall, there’s a chance your picture frame might fall. Handyman Connection® Boise explains how to find a wall stud without using an electronic stud finder:

 Check Out Your Baseboard – Examine your baseboard, and look for the nails. These nails are where the baseboard was nailed to your wall studs. You can also look for electrical outlets because these are usually attached to wall studs as well. Electrical switches are another telltale sign of wall studs. They are typically mounted on the sides of studs.

Use a Flashlight on the Wall – Get the brightest flashlight you can find, and then shine the light at a steep angle against the wall. Inspect the wall, and look for a column of dimples and bumps on the wall surface. These irregularities are created by the nails that secure the drywall surface. They show that there are wall studs underneath. Find the wall studs by driving a small nail into the drywall. If the nail doesn’t hit wood, take it out, and insert a wire hanger. Twist the hanger, and search for the exact location of the stud.

Determine the Location of Other Studs – Once you’ve found the location of one stud, you can use that information to find the others. Measure 16 inches from the stud you found, and start rapping on the wall. If you hear a solid sound, then you’ve found the right spot. To help find the studs easier, you can also look for irregularities. Measure at least 24 inches from the location of the first stud if you don’t find another stud.

These are just a few of the methods you can use to find a wall stud without using electronics. While you’re hanging shelves or picture frames, why not begin planning another home improvement project? Handyman Connection of Boise can help you with a wide variety of home maintenance and home improvement tasks. We are experts in electrical work, painting, storage, home remodeling and more. Contact us here to learn more about finding wall studs. You can also ask for an estimate.

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