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Home Improvement  /  July 4, 2017

Paint and Color Trends of 2017 For Home Improvement

Planning to do some home improvement projects soon? The color of your living spaces has always been a point of contention, and it’s important to make sure you adhere to 2017’s paint and color trends. Not only do you keep your home trendy, but you also get to add value to your home. Read on as Handyman Connection of Boise discusses what paint and color trends you should be following this 2017.

Home Improvement

Gray (and Beige) is the New Black

For living spaces, gray has been the standard paint color for several years now. It’s still the same this year, but the current trend is warm gray – a result of combining gray and beige which many are now calling “greige”. This odd-named color combo is a neutral paint color, and is highly versatile since it’s also viable for kitchen spaces and even bathrooms.

Yellow Accents

Yellow isn’t actually a popular paint color when used in its entirety, and it’s better to use it to accentuate details in your home. Any shade of yellow is viable, so long as you use it to highlight details in your home. If your living space has primarily white colored walls for example, consider filling up the negative space with shades of yellow by installing a yellow curtain, or placing yellow pillows on your sofa. If you plan to use it as paint color, use it sparingly and only as “highlights”.

Earthy Colors

Earthy paint colors like brown or wood grain paint remains popular even in 2017 for both traditional and contemporary homes. Country Redwood, in particular, rose in popularity during the early months of 2017 due to its versatility and ability to blend perfectly in almost any architectural style.

Another earthy color you should try out is Moss Green. It blends perfectly with the aforementioned Country Redwood, and for traditional homes, it helps bring out your home’s Old World style to life.

Need help deciding what paint color to use? Our team at Handyman Connection of Boise has a keen eye for detail, and we’re happy to help you pick the right paint color for your home improvement project. Fill out our form or give us a call at (208) 901-3999 for an estimate on our services.


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