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Home Remodeling  /  June 15, 2017

4 Fireplace Upgrades That Fit Your Budget

Your fireplace is the focal point of your living space, so it’s an important feature that always needs to look good. Many homeowners tend to skip out on upgrading it, however, due to the costs involved. Thankfully, Handyman Connection of Boise has a list of four fireplace upgrades that fit your budget and can truly revitalize its look.


  1. Repaint the Fireplace

Arguably the most affordable and easiest fireplace upgrade to do; all you need is your choice of paint color. When you’re repairing the fireplace, make sure it still blends and compliments the overall design of your living space since making it stand out too much will just make it look out of place. Determine the color scheme of your room, pick the right paint colors, and repaint your fireplace to make it look brand new.

  1. Whitewash Brick

The appeal of a red brick fireplace can wear out very easily, but we know you don’t want to let it go since brick is a very durable material. An easy home upgrade for this fireplace style is to simply whitewash the brick. We recommend white paint with an eggshell finish and then apply it on the fireplace in small sections. After the first coating, wipe it down with a rag then apply the second coating. The end result is a more neutral-tone brick color that will look well in a contemporary designed living space.

  1. Add Decor

Sometimes, you really don’t have to rework the fireplace. In many cases, its appearance can be revitalized by accentuating the space with art. The fireplace mantel is a good spot and backdrop to prop up your paintings and other decorative set pieces. So if you have extra paintings lying around, prop them up on your fireplace.

  1. Mixing Materials

Another way to revitalize the look of your fireplace is through mixed materials. We recommend that the border remains a sturdy material like tile, marble, or brick, but make the mantel area wood. This contrast is great if the furniture has the same wooden material since it accentuates the visual appeal of your fireplace.

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