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Home Maintenance  /  January 30, 2017

Things You Should Do Before Moving Into a Previously-Owned Home

Moving can be a daunting task! If you’ve recently purchased a pre-owned home in the Boise area, the home improvement experts of Handyman Connection of Boise have some useful tips to share. We also suggest you review our list of services, as we can help you to make the transition to your new Boise home a smooth process!

Replace All Entry Door Locks

Especially when buying a pre-owned home, you should keep in mind that many people including the previous homeowner could potentially have an extra set of keys to the home. We highly recommended you change the locks on all exterior doors prior to moving anything in the home. This important step can prevent potential break-ins or loss that can take place during the time of the move. It’s not an expensive item to tackle, and the benefits far outweigh any associated costs.

Have the Home Professionally Cleaned

Now is the time to perform an extensive deep cleaning. Hire a professional, or take a few days to clean the home thoroughly yourself. You can also use this time to make sure all appliances are in working order.

Refresh the Interior  

Since your new home is a “blank canvas”, take full advantage and paint, wallpaper or have new flooring or molding installed. These processes will take much less time without the obstacles of furniture or pets and people around. Another tip: Replace all of the home’s toilet seats. (You’re welcome!)

Test the Home’s Emergency Equipment

Our crew here in Boise would also recommend taking time to install or test existing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and replacing the batteries if necessary. Buy new fire extinguishers and place them in the kitchen and on each floor of the home. It’s also recommended to keep one in the garage.

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