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Home Improvement  /  June 13, 2016

Choosing the Best Shower Door for Your Bathroom

As the largest feature in the bathroom, your shower plays a key role when it comes to the room’s style and functionality. It’s the fixture you count on to get you going in the morning and relax you at the end of a hectic day too. A new shower door offers you an affordable way to enhance your shower experience while improving the overall appearance of the busiest room in your home. Whether you’re upgrading from a flimsy shower curtain or replacing a door that’s seen better days, this guide from the experts at Handyman Connection of Boise can help you select the option best for you.

Bathtub Shower Doors

For bathtubs that double as showers, sliding glass doors are the most popular option as they allow you to make the tub water-tight without taking up floor space. Available in framed or frameless designs, bypass doors offer a pleasing array of style options too. Looking for ways to make your bathroom appear larger? The nearly invisible look of clear-glass frameless doors is sure to please. While their thick-glass construction means they can cost a bit more than framed sliding doors, their great looks and easy-to-clean design makes them worth the investment.

Hinged swing-out doors are becoming an increasingly fashionable option too. They’re available in both double-door models and single-door designs that leave part of the bathtub exposed. If privacy is a concern, shower doors crafted with textured, opaque, frosted or patterned designs offer stylish solutions. They’re an ideal choice when you want to hide a less-than-perfect bathtub tiles too. For easy cleaning, look for types that come with a smooth surface on the bathtub-facing side. Other features to consider when selecting bathtub shower doors include hardware, finishes, handles and towel bars.

Doors for Stand-Alone Showers

Whether you’re adding a stand-alone shower to your bathroom or looking for ways to improve an existing shower stall, new doors can have a transformative effect on the entire room. For corner installations, neo-angle doors are a space-saving option that adds a contemporary feeling to the utilitarian room. For showers with wide openings, framed double doors or sliding doors can help define the space. If you’re on the hunt for a trip-free solution, side-mounted doors that eliminate the need for a bottom track can be ideal.

Size Up Your Options

Whatever your shower door preference, it’s critical to take the size, location and dimensions of your shower into account before making your final selection. Hinged doors, for example, require at least their own width in floor space for easy clearance. Accurate measurements are essential. If you’re installing a new shower, it’s a good idea to wait to take measurements until the addition is complete. While ensuring a water-tight is the first priority, it’s important to choose a door that offers the safety, comfort and convenience you want from your shower as well.

When it comes to expert installation, trust the pros at Handyman Connection of Boise to deliver great results. Our bathroom remodeling experts have the experience and know-how that it takes to ensure your new bathroom doors are installed properly. With help from our friendly craftsmen, you’re sure to find a find a door that suits your lifestyle and fits your needs to perfection. Call us today to request a free, no-obligation project estimate!

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