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Handyman Connection has a long history in Lebanon. The owner of Handyman Connection was previously the owner of Blue Skies Services which is a home cleaning company which was based in Lebanon, OH. Derek was also an active member of the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and a previous Board Member of the Butler and Warren County Board of Realtors. With that long standing history in Lebanon we quickly got a lot of work in Lebanon. We offer everything from small home repair jobs all the way up to complete remodels.

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Handyman Connection specialists provide a trained touch to a variety of maintenance tasks. Our staff of carpenters, drywall specialists, painters and maintenance experts are available to fix problems in your house.

What we do

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Below are a few examples of projects we have completed in Lebanon:

Awning Installation – Matching the Deck Style and Staining

Deck staining and awning installation

This is a great example of the kind of smaller project we specialize in.  This client needed to remove an old and dated awning but felt like he still needed something over his door.  This may not look like much but this project required some skilled carpentry work, the ability to work with metal, and we had to be able to paint and stain it to make it look finished.  Matching the type of wood and the stain on the deck was not easy to do and it is when the true difference in a skilled craftsman can be seen.   We did not build the deck or railings so we had to do a lot of research to find out the best materials were to match the look.   It also resulted in a satisfied client who gave use this great review on Google.   Just one of the over 125 five star reviews we have on Google which makes us the highest rated home repair and remodeling company that serves Lebanon, Ohio.


Home Inspection Check Lists

We also specialize in doing those home inspection checklists.   When you are trying to sell your home and you  have a long lists of tasks why call an electrician, a plumber, a carpenter, a painter, and a drywall repair person?  You have a very limited amount of time to get the list done if you want to your house to close in time and we can help.   We can do everything on that last and we can do it fast.   We are  proud to partner with Sibcy Cline Home Services as one of their vendors so you can call them to get more information on the work we have done for hundreds of Sibcy Cline home owners all over Warren County.  Of course you do not need to be a Sibcy Kline customer.   We work with realtors and home inspectors all over Warren County.

Experienced Local Craftsmen

You don’t want someone without experience in your home.  At Handyman Connection we hire only craftsmen with at least five years of experience.   But we do not just take their word for it that they have experience.   We give them a very detailed 100 question written test make sure they know what they are talking about.   Here is just one example of the types of questions we ask  “What is a rafter tail?”   The answer is it is the part of the roof rafter that extends over the exterior wall of your home and forms the soffit.   If we are hiring a carpenter, we want them to know this and what is the difference between a king stud and a jack stud.    These are the kinds of things we ask so you do not have to.   We also like to hire home repair craftsmen who live close to you so you can get your handyman work done by someone that knows the area.

Not Just a Handyman

We are Handymen and we are proud of the term.  But sometimes people think that a Handyman is an unskilled craftsman.   The truth is to be a good handymen our craftsmen need to be skilled at various trades.   Our craftsmen need to be able to do electrical work like and electrician but they also need to know how to build the framing to install it, the drywall to repair the wall, and painting to finish the look.  We test all of our craftsmen in 8 trade areas.   Electrical, Plumbing, Tile Installation and Repair, Framing, Drywall Installation and Patching, Painting, Masonry, Decks and Pergolas.   They need to have at least a basic understanding in at least 3 of these areas but they need to be an expert in at least three.   We have been hired by many consumers to repair the drywall after their plumbers cut into the walls.  Our plumbers are required to not only be expert plumbers but to also be able to repair and paint the walls they opened to fix the plumbing.   That is what we mean by One Call.  One Connection. Our home repair experts are prepared for just about any project you have.

Owning a home is tough, however, and takes a lot of time. This takes away from the fun listed above.   Homeownership needs commitment, time management and plenty of effort.   Even when payments get paid and the kids are behaving, you might find an issue that needs emergency repairs immediately. As your house ages, you’ll need to conduct regular home repair maintenance to ensure it stays beautiful and meets building codes. Large and small projects alike can feel daunting, so you might not want to finish the work yourself.

Known Across Hyde Park for Reliability

Handyman Connection has satisfied thousands of homes throughout the Hyde Park area. If you’re considering hiring us, ask your neighbor about their experience! The chances are, we’ve served them already. Here is an overview of all the clients we have served in Hyde Park.

Management meeting with home owner

The professionals with Handyman Connection in Hyde Park, OH understand that sky-high rates aren’t necessary. We treat every customer respectfully and honestly with dependable solutions without the expensive hassles. Proper education and processes are essential to our work, so you can feel confident in our efforts. With a simple call, you can eliminate your task list. For all home repair, maintenance, and remodeling, you can depend on your neighbors at Handyman Connection in Hyde Park.

Whether it’s urgent maintenance or remodeling, your happiness is a priority of ours. Call us today and receive a free estimate from the professionals in Hyde Park, no matter what your request is.

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