Lavish Lawns: How to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Expensive

Have you ever heard of curb appeal? It’s an essential element of a commercial or residential property that refers to said property’s attractiveness when viewed from the street. Think of it as a promotional photo for a product. The more beautiful it looks, the more compelled you are to purchase it, right? Curb appeal is that promotional photo.

But whether you’re planning on putting your home up on the market anytime soon or you simply want a house with desirable curb appeal, the secret to obtaining it is in your outdoor façade. Specifically, your landscape. There are plenty of ways you can improve its look, but one of the ways guaranteed to add not just curb appeal but also actual value to your property is making your landscape look expensive.

Here’s how:

1. Make a stunning entrance

The first thing people will see when looking at your outdoor space is the entrance. You can achieve an expensive look by installing an elegant gate. While the primary purpose of gates is security, they can add beauty and the air of luxury when you choose the right one. Browse through listings of estate gates for sale online and see which one appeals to you or complements your property best.

2. Roll out the green carpet

Once people’s eyes are done feasting on your property’s elegant gates, those eyes will turn to your turf. Freshly-mown grass, trimmed shrubs, flowering plants, and walkways clear of leaves make for a pleasant view. This is why proper landscaping is a part of making your outdoors look luxurious.

3. Dress it up

What’s an outdoor space without room for entertaining? Patios provide a great outdoor retreat, but making it look luxurious means picking a theme for the décor. Do you want a garden get-together space that looks modern, or do you want a laidback 60s boho garden? With a theme or purpose in mind, you’ll be able to choose cohesive pieces of furniture that make your garden look like a pro planned and designed it.

4. Add accessories

As mentioned above, cohesion is vital in decorating your outdoor space. Not every piece of furniture needs to be made from the same material, nor does every bit of décor need to be in the same shade. You just have to find a unifying element among rugs, coffee tables, and comfortable chairs, and you can lay them out in your yard. To further accessorize, you can use unique planters and even add throw pillows, beanbags, and candles that are in keeping with the theme you decided on. These little touches and the way they fit together to create a seamless, elegant look.

5. Shine a spotlight

Outdoor lights are one of the essential aspects of excellent curb appeal. Lights add security and highlight the beauty of your property at the same time. But apart from functionality, you can use them strategically to create a sense of luxury. For example, you can put up chic lamps along walkways or create a romantic look with string lighting.

Creating a luxurious-looking outdoor space doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With these little tweaks, some you can even do yourself, you can achieve an outdoor space that looks and feels elegant.

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