5 Great Tips for Green Living

Going green is the way to go, and your first step to a greener life is making sure your home is as energy-efficient and green as possible. It might seem like a big first step to make, but it’s actually quite simple if you know which parts of your home to prioritize. Handyman Connection of Blue Ash lists five tips for a greener living.

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  1. Apply the Right Exterior Wall Paint

The best kind of exterior wall painting for a green home is one that’s lighter in color. Lighter paint colors reflect UV light and heat whereas darker colors absorb it. By repainting your home’s exteriors with lighter colors, you’re keeping your interior spaces cool. You also cut back noticeably on your air conditioning costs.

  1. Check Your HVAC Units

Your air conditioner and heating systems consume a lot of electricity, and they consume even more if they’re not working properly. Have your HVAC systems inspected and repaired when necessary as a faulty unit racks up a huge electric bill.

  1. Replace Old Windows with Energy Efficient Ones

Your home’s windows play a crucial role in insulating and ventilating your home, so if you start noticing a draft or if your living spaces seem too warm, then your windows may need replacing. When you’re shopping for replacement windows, check if the glass panes have an ENERGY STAR® sticker. This is a guarantee that the window is engineered to be as energy-efficient as possible. You may also inquire about the kind of glass panes the windows have.

  1. Let Some Daylight In

Daylighting your living spaces can potentially save you hundreds of dollars off your energy bill. The best way to “daylight” your rooms is by installing larger windows. Letting more natural light in not only helps you cut back on electrical costs, you’re also getting your daily dose of Vitamin D.

  1. Get Plumbing Problems Addressed

Finally, make sure you have any existing plumbing problems addressed. If your faucet is leaking or your toilet isn’t flushing properly, have it checked and addressed immediately so you don’t waste valuable water. It might be better to have a professional plumber do the work for you so that you can be sure your plumbing problems are fixed properly.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to a more energy-efficient home. Give us a call at (513) 771-3950 to get a free estimate on our exterior wall painting and other home improvement services.


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