A Beginner’s Checklist: Home Painting Tips and Tricks

Painting jobs are probably the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transform the look and feel of your home. A new layer of paint on the wall or on your siding offers a fresh look that can completely breathe new life into your home’s atmosphere. For those of you who want to perform a painting job but are not sure where to start, Handyman Connection® of Blue Ash can help.

Home Painting

When it comes to giving your home a much-needed facelift, it’s important to follow the following tips to ensure the success of your project:

  • Clean and Repair the Surface – The key to getting your desired output is to start with a clean, even surface. Take the time to wash your walls with a rinse-free cleansing solution and pay attention to peeling paint, cracks, or dents. This stage doesn’t end with simple cleaning alone, however. Once the surfaces are dry, fill in any large gaps with high-quality plaster or caulk. A spray-on primer is ideal to repair small cracks and dents.
  • Cover Appliances and Fixtures – As with any beginners, it’s easy to splatter paint on surfaces or furniture that don’t need new coating. This is the reason you should protect windows, doors, and other fixtures with cloth or plastic sheetings before starting your project. This will help you paint without worry of accidental spills.
  • Prime and Paint – Priming is an important aspect, as it ensures that the paint goes smoothly and bonds successfully to the surface. Alcohol and alkyd primers work best when covering and sealing stains, while oil primers are ideal for painting varnished or extremely weathered wood. Once you’re done with this task, it’s best to start painting right away to maximize the primer’s adhesion qualities.
  • Clean Up Mistakes – Errors are inevitable, regardless of your painting experience. To clean up any mistakes effectively, be sure to keep a can of paint remover on hand.

While it’s possible for homeowners to paint their home on their own, not everyone is up for a major DIY project like this. Seek help from expert painters, such as our crew at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash, to pull off this task without problems. Schedule a FREE, no-obligation project estimate by calling us or by completing our form. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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