How To Prep A Room For Paint

If you’re tackling a DIY paint project in your home, you’ll want to make sure to put in an adequate amount of prep work so that when it comes time to paint, you’re 100% ready! Our experts here at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash have put together some recommended steps to take to help you prep your room when it’s time to paint.

One thing to keep in mind throughout the prep process is that your goal is to keep the room as protected as you can and to not get paint in places you don’t want paint to be.

Step 1: Remove Items from Walls

First off, remove any decorative pieces or other items like light switch covers or outlet covers off the walls. Make sure all items are removed and put in a safe place so that you can easily re-install them after your paint has dried.

Step 2: Clean

Next, you’ll want to clean the entire room as well as the walls. You can purchase a cleaning solution designed for walls, or you can create one yourself. They are fairly simple with just a couple of ingredients, but you’ll want to softly clean the walls and let them dry. This lets the paint lay nicely without any dirt or grime getting caught in the paint.

Step 3: Cover Holes

Cover any nail holes or other small holes with spackle evenly. This is also important so that the paint doesn’t bubble up or look awkward with an unpainted nail hole if you want to change the design of the room down the road.

Step 4: Sand the Walls

Give the walls a very light sanding before moving on to any primer. This will ensure that your prep work was done evenly, and will make the paint look nice too.

Step 5: Tape

Apply painters tape to areas of the ceiling, floor, or other areas where you do not want paint to go. Take your time when doing this to ensure that the lines are straight and look professional.

There are a few other steps you can take to help prep your room for paint, but these are the basics. For questions or to schedule one of our professionals to handle it for you, give our crew at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash a call.


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