How to Keep My Home Warm in the Winter

As the cooler months begin to arrive, homeowners here in Blue Ash may start thinking about different ways to keep their homes warm, which in turn, can save money on energy bills. The crew at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash is always looking for ways to help homeowners save money and keep up with the maintenance of their homes. If your house is a little older, it may be a little more challenging to keep your house warm, but it certainly is doable. Check out some recommendations on things you can do to keep your house warm in the winter.


Make sure your thermostat is programmed throughout the day to adjust according to the time of day and the season you’re in. This will help to keep your energy bill low, so that you don’t manually adjust the temperatures each time you leave the house, get cold, return from a trip, or etc. There are many recommendations for times and temperatures for your thermostat, but start by checking with your energy and/or heating company to get specific recommendations for your home.


Open up those shades and shutters, and let the natural light in. The sun not only provides light, but also provides warmth. Before leaving the house, open your curtains and let the light in to help keep each room a little warmed up. This is a small adjustment to your everyday routine, but really will make a difference.

Furniture adjustments

Make sure that your furniture isn’t blocking any vents. You may have accidentally moved or adjusted a piece of furniture over or in front of a heating vent. Do a quick double check to make sure they aren’t blocked. This could deplete your home’s energy efficiency, as you’ll keep increasing the heat but not feeling any warmth.


Just how we recommend opening up your blinds and curtains during the day, we also recommend keeping them closed at night. Closing the curtains will help to keep the heat inside and prevent it from escaping through the windows. You can also consider insulated curtains if you get really cold, but regardless, keeping the warmth inside as much as possible will help keep your home warm in the winter.

Ceiling fans

Do a quick inspection of your ceiling fans to determine if there is a “winter” setting on them. Most do. This simply reverses the fan so that it moves clockwise, and as heat rises the reversed motion of the fan will help push the heat back down in your room, rather than letting the warm air linger around the ceiling.  This is a really simple adjustment that honestly does make a difference.

We’ve just scratched the surface of ways for you to keep your home warm this winter. Let us know other ways you do this. Don’t forget to give our crew at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash a call for any and all of your home maintenance needs. We can help tackle projects this winter, or any other time of the year!


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