Adding Molding & Trim To Your Living Room

As you’re lounging around in your living room in Blue Ash, you may be thinking of ways to vamp up the look and style of the room. One of the easiest ways to add an impressive touch to the room is to add molding and/or trim to the room. It can add the illusion of height and it really brings the room to another level.

Here are some suggestions and tips for adding molding or trim to your living room:

Keep It Simple

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. Depending on the style and flow of the room, you won’t want any type of molding or trim to take away from the room at all. There are various types of simple and plain molding to frame the room, without taking away from any of the featured details. On the contrary, adding a generous amount of plain molding, more than the average expected places, can really add a lot to the room. Consider framing the ceiling or other parts of the room to add a nice pop to tie the room together.

Change Up the Materials

Not all molding and trim has to be a white standard board. A growingly popular choice of molding materials is nice, dark, stained wood. It’s a rustic and modern look that will go nicely in certain styles of homes. Be careful though, as this can make the room a little dark and can take away if you’re going for the light and airy look.

Thin Up the Trim

Another modern look that goes well in contemporary homes is to choose a thinner style or trim or molding. Rather than the thicker standard molding, consider a thin trim along the ceiling and baseboards to enhance the sleek look in your living room here in Blue Ash. It’ll reinforce the minimalist and simpler styles of homes. You can also paint the thin trim a shade or two darker than the walls to create an elegant look.

Create Features with Trim

One struggle that the crew at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash tends to hear a lot is how to bring more life to the living room. One way to tackle this is to create featured areas in the living room by building patterns or squared sections of trim on the wall. Depending on the style of the room, this may not work out so well, but there are many instances where this can look really classy, and can add a nice featured section to the living room. This is a place where you can feature a painting, add some shelving, or implement other creative ideas.

There are many DIY instructional videos or guides on how to properly install molding or trim into your living room, however if you’d rather have a professional tackle the job for you, be sure to give Handyman Connection of Blue Ash a call. We’re here to help with any and all of your home maintenance needs, including installing trim or molding in your living room!


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