How to Make Your Home Eco-friendly

The amount of information on making a home more eco-friendly is slowly growing, but it is still a good idea to consult an expert from Handyman Connection of Blue Ash to make sure that you are doing everything right. Making your home more eco-friendly not only saves you money, but it helps the environment as well.

To be eco-friendly, a home needs to have ways of utilizing natural resources more efficiently, methods for saving energy and processes for recycling items to avoid creating waste. If you want to really make your home eco-friendly, then there are several things you can do right now to get the job done.

Install Alternative Energy Sources

Solar panels are the most common form of alternative energy for an eco-friendly house, but your alternative energy choices do not stop there. Windmills and water power are also excellent ways to put nature’s resources to work for you. Not only can you use batteries to store the energy you generate, but you may be able to make a few dollars by selling excess energy back to the public grid.

Choose Eco-Friendly Flooring

If you are considering installing a new floor, then use bamboo as an environmentally-friendly choice. Bamboo is more sustainable than hardwoods, and bamboo floors are more durable than a large majority of materials on the market. Bamboo is also a flooring material that will last for a very long time, which cuts down on the waste that can result from throwing old flooring away.

Buy a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can be used to lower the temperature in your home when you are out of the house for the day, and then raise it when you are home. If that is all you did with your programmable thermostat, then you would save a lot of energy. But you should also consider lowering the temperature in your home during the winter by a degree or two to help save even more energy. You will be surprised at how much you save on your energy bills by simply lowering thermostat this small amount.

Simple Refrigerator Tips

Instead of spending time and wasting energy with the refrigerator door trying to decide what you want, make that decision before you open the door to keep your energy consumption down. Put your refrigerator in a part of your kitchen that gets no sunshine to reduce how hard it has to work to stay cool, and put your refrigerator at least seven inches from the wall to allow for adequate air flow.

Switch to Energy Efficient Windows

You can give a call Handyman Connection of Blue Ash to have energy-efficient windows installed. If there are more energy efficient windows on the market than yours, then get yours replaced. Do some research beforehand, because you may be eligible for a federal and/or state tax credit.

Making your house eco-friendly means lower energy bills and a better environment. Call on the experts at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash and let’s see how we can help make your home a friend to the environment.

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