Fireplace Safety Tips


The colder weather is here and that means it is time to think about fireplace safety. While your fireplace can provide hours of soothing warmth every day, it can also be a place where problems can arise if you are not careful. There are several steps you can take to help keep your family safe during the winter, and still be able to enjoy your fireplace to its fullest extent. If you need any assistance with fireplace safety, call the home maintenance experts at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash.

Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector Installed

A fireplace is warm and inviting, but it can also give of carbon monoxide gas. If you mistakenly close the flue while burning a fire or if you go to bed while the logs are smoldering and the flue closes, the potential for carbon monoxide increases. By having a carbon monoxide detector in your home, you can protect your family from this dangerous situation. Call us to install one today!

Get Your Chimney Cleaned and Inspected

Each year, you should have qualified chimney contractor clean your chimney, and inspect it for you as well. Cleaning your chimney allows the smoke and gases to safely escape from your home, while an inspection can reveal any potential hazards that need to be addressed. A good cleaning will also remove the residue that collects to the sides of your chimney that can become a fire hazard.

Have at Least Two Layers of Protection From Embers

A calming fireplace can be great, and the popping of the firewood helps to add to the ambiance. But those popping sounds could also indicate the release of embers from the fire, and they can cause serious damage if they land on your rug or floor. Most fireplaces come with screens that cover the fire to protect against flying embers. If you really want to be protected, then get a set of fireplace doors that you can close to prevent anything from getting out.

Clean Out Ashes Frequently

Unless you have a natural gas fireplace, then you are burning a material that is leaving ashes behind. If you burn fires frequently during the week, then you should clean out those ashes at least once a week. If you allow the ashes to remain, then they can either catch fire again, or they can hide smoldering embers that can become a big problem.

Never Leave a Fire Burning Unattended

You should never start a fire in your fireplace unless you know that you will be there throughout the entire duration of the burn. While your fireplace has many safety features in place, it is never a good idea to let an unsupervised fire burn. You should also avoid pouring water on a fire in a fireplace to put it out, because you could damage the interior of your fireplace and scatter the hot embers.

Fireplace season is a great time of year. It is a time to put a fire in the fireplace, and gather the family around to enjoy the warmth and the glow. But as with anything else that has to do with fire, there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with having a fireplace. Call on the experts at Handyman Connection of Blue Ash to make sure your home is safe and ready for fireplace season!

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