Tips for Organizing Your Home


Over the course of time, your home will start to fill up with various belongings that take up an increasing amount of space. Before your belongings take over the house, you need to get involved in some good home organization projects. Let Handyman Connection of Blue Ash help free up your floor space, and make your home more organized!

It is always good to get advice from professionals on how to organize your home, but it is also helpful when the homeowner has some ideas of their own to contribute. As you put together your own home organization ideas, consider mixing obvious solutions together with creative approaches to help give your home some character.

Use the Backs of Doors

The back of the pantry door can be a great place to install some shelves that would hold dry goods and other items. The back of the bathroom door can be used as a place to hang towels, or as the area where the shower supplies are stored. The key to using the backs of doors to help organize your home is making sure that your storage solution does not prevent the door from being used properly, and that it does not make the door too heavy.

Once you see just how easy it is to put storage shelves and hooks on the backs of doors, you will begin to see storage solutions all over the house. Other doors that make great storage areas are closet doors and bedroom doors.

Recessed Shelves

Use Handyman Connection of Blue Ash to install recessed shelves in every room of your home to create more storage space. Recessed shelves are great because they do not take up any floor space, and they can be painted to match the wall and add to the room’s decor. Smaller recessed cabinets can also create more space, and give your room a great look.

Storage Under the Furniture

Most people either have nothing under the couch in the family room, or they have pet toys and dust bunnies that they won’t see for months. All of that space under your furniture represents prime home organizing space, and it is something you should be taking advantage of immediately. Consider having a contractor build a shelf unit for under your bed that also acts as the bed frame, and you can buy low-profile storage bins for under your couch and loveseat.

Space Under the Windows

For some reason, the space under the windows in many homes is ignored when it comes to storage options. If you have pets that enjoy looking out the windows, then you could install shelving under each window and solve two problems. In rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, utilizing the empty space under the windows is a great way to solve storage issues.

It can be convenient to have storage solutions in your home that go beyond throwing things into the basement, attic or garage. When you get creative, you can come up with dynamic storage solutions that will free up floor space, and keep the items you need on-hand at all times. Call Handyman Connection of Blue Ash today or click here to request a free, no-obligation project estimate!

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