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Bathroom  /  September 30, 2021

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom shelving

Professional Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Your Next Renovation in Baton Rouge, LA & Surrounding Areas

If your home’s bathroom is small, or you have a half-bathroom that you are not sure how to set up, there are many ways to take advantage of a small bathroom’s storage space—believe it or not! With help from our professional craftspeople, here are some ideas on how to upgrade your small bathroom storage.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

  • Install shelving above the toilet.
  • Install shelf above the door.
  • Flush corner cabinet.
  • Install Lazy-Susan in the cupboard for cleaning supplies storage.
  • Stick-on wall mounts and hooks for robes, towels, wash-clothes.
  • Second shower rod for bath caddy and soaps.
  • Stick-on magnetic strip for tweezers and nail-clippers.
  • Stick-on wall organizers.
  • Ornamental dish for essential items.
  • Ladder-shelf.
  • New Hardware for a singular look.
  • Use Wall Space

When planning out your bathroom storage, look at the feel of the room as well. Small spaces can be made to feel bigger and airier with a few smart moves. For example, mirrors can make a space feel big. White or light-colored paint makes a room feel bright and big. Lighting plays a role as well. Add some plants and décor to a room to make it feel more peaceful and not so chaotic.

It’s important to think about giving every item you have in your small bathroom a place to go. This will help you to declutter and to find how to best organize it. Use that wall space and hang up everything you can. Any empty corners or high up near the ceiling can have shelves installed to put your linens, extra toilet paper, a plant, and more.

Your home is yours to mold and shape as you like it. Start planning how you can streamline the storage of your small bathroom in no time. We recommend emptying out the bathroom first, give it a good clean, and then step back a moment to evaluate what you have. Take your time and enjoy the results!

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