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Maintenance  /  November 17, 2021

Gutter Maintenance


Important Gutter Maintenance Tips for Homes in the Baton Rouge Area

Gutter cleaning is best done in the fall. When the weather cools, leaves fall from the trees and collect in your gutter. This only adds to the traffic congestion, which is not only inconvenient but also dangerous during heavy rainstorms.

By keeping your gutters clean and pruning back overgrown trees that could cause problems, you can keep them in good working order all year. We’ll go over each of these gutter cleaning methods in greater detail below.

The first thing to keep in mind before working on your gutter is that if it becomes clogged or dirty enough, water will pool around your foundation instead of draining properly. This is more of an issue in the winter when fewer leaves fall and gutters aren’t as frequently used, but it can happen at any time of year, especially if your gutter is clogged with pine straw or other foreign material.

Keeping your gutters clean on a regular basis is the best way to avoid this. Using a leaf blower or a vacuum is the best way to get rid of them. If you don’t have one, a rake will suffice. Simply keep an eye out for leaves that get stuck in your gutter’s bends and are difficult to remove.

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