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10 Home Projects to Work on Over a Holiday Weekend

Our Top 10 Home Projects to Work on Over a Holiday Weekend

Wintertime often brings weekends stuck inside, a handful of breaks, and time spent with the family. During your next snowed in weekend, or just your weekend spent at home, our craftsmen put their heads together and thought of 10 winter home projects you can complete over a holiday weekend.

1.   Lights: It’s time to hang all those indoor and outdoor lights. 

2.   Decorations: Deck the halls from candles to wreaths and all in between.

3.   Drafts: Stop drafty doors with the purchase of a weatherstrip to keep warm air in and cold air out.

4.   Insulate Water Pipes: If you have any outdoor plumbing, or pipes that are close to the outer walls of your home, some insulation will help keep them from freezing up.

5.   Regrout: Take a weekend or just a day to regrout your bathroom tile or

6.   Caulk: Redo the caulk on your bathtub, shower, by the sink, and more if needed to avoid leaks or water damage.

7.   Install Flooring: You can get a lot done in one weekend! Replace the slippery tile in your front foyer with something more durable and waterproof.

8.   Paint: While you spend more time inside, it’s nice to give your rooms a fresh new look.

9.   Kitchen Backsplash: In the kitchen, bathroom, and more rooms, there are many little details that can be updated to give your room a new look to show off just in time for the holidays.

10.   Furnace: Before you turn on the furnace, make sure all vents are vacuumed and the furnace is checked.

All of these projects may be completed by you, or if you are short on time or are not sure where to begin, look into your local handyman companies to see if you can hire a professional to take of these winter home projects for you. By the time the holidays roll around, it will feel refreshing when these 10 winter home projects are complete.

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