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How to Build the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen This Summer

Whether you’re looking to host big neighborhood parties or intimate family barbecues this summer, one essential element can take your summer experience to the next level: an outdoor kitchen. Building an outdoor kitchen can sound very intimidating at first, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Building the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen: Planning Phase

Step One: Decide on a vision.

 While there are so many elements you can include in your outdoor kitchen, it should be built around one central element: a gas grill. Your gas grill is going to decide not only the measurements of the frame—the width and breadth of your outdoor kitchen—but also the overall aesthetic: sleek, chic, or rustic.

Other elements to consider as you plan your outdoor kitchen are: a sink, oven top side-burners, a smoker, an ice trough, a fridge, a wine cooler, a drawer trash bin, open shelves vs. closed cabinets, or a pizza oven.

Step Two: Gather your tools and supplies.

Regardless of what sort of vision you have for your perfect outdoor kitchen and what kind of materials you’re using, the basic tools are a saw, drill, and screws. Of course, use the tool appropriate for the material you’re using—wood, brick, or stone.

Measure your space and calculate the quantity of building materials required. When you’re purchasing your supplies, don’t forget to buy a vent for your grill!

Pro-tip: you can buy your access doors for under your grill premade from your local store, or you can build them yourself. If you plan to build your access doors yourself, along with the handles and hinges we also recommend finding magnetic latches.

Building the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen: Building Phase

Step Three: Build it.

Start by building the basic frame; remember it’s better to measure twice and cut once. Once the frame is built, install your countertop of choice, your grill, and any other amenities. Finish it off by installing your access doors and any shelving.

Pro-tip: if you have a propane grill that you’re building into your outdoor kitchen, don’t forget to make sure the access door under the grill is large enough to get the propane tank in and out.

Step Four: Add the finishing touches.

For mood lighting, consider hanging some outdoor lights all around your outdoor kitchen. Grab some burgers and fire up the grill.

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