Electrical  /  May 30, 2017

June Home Improvement Project: Update Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be an integral part of your home’s design. It can increase the perceived value of the property, enhance safety and security, and help to create a memorable first impression for guests. If your exterior lighting system is more than five years old, it’s probably time to think about an upgrade. Here are helpful tips from the experts at Handyman Connection if you want to update your outdoor lighting scheme.

  • Inspect electricals. Start by making sure your transformer and wiring are in good condition and can support any changes. A professional stainless steel transformer is ideal; a small plastic transformer will probably need to be upgraded. Check fixture and hub connections for corrosion (copper wiring should be shiny, not green). Corroded wire should be replaced.
  • Evaluate plant growth. Plants can grow considerably in five years, which may make your lighting appear dull or off-center. It may be time to increase the fixture output to properly accent larger plants, or to add on a few fixtures. If you are using an older halogen lighting system, we recommend upgrading to LED fixtures that will last for many years while using up to 65% less energy! This can often be done simply by replacing the halogen lamps with outdoor-rated LED products.
  • Try a new layout. Look at your landscape objectively. Try moving lights around for a different effect, or just to freshen up the look. Experiment by adding some wiring to each fixture, adjusting the lights at night, and then burying the wire once you have determined the optimum locations. If you have converted to LED lighting, you can add more lights since you will have reduced the load on your transformer.

Our Pros Are Here to Help

We hope these ideas will help you improve the outdoor lighting around your home. If you need professional help with evaluating and upgrading your system, give Handyman Connection a call at 1-800-88-HANDY and we’d be happy to take care of it for you.

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