Newsletter  /  March 28, 2017

April Home Organization Project: Laundry Room

We know the laundry room may not be your favourite room in your home, but a well-organized, well-stocked  laundry room can help to make your regular laundry tasks easier and less time consuming. And while we can’t help you with all those loads of dirty clothes, Handyman Connection is here to walk you through some quick steps to clean up your act, so to speak, in the laundry room!

  1. De-clutter your laundry room: take some time to make sure that your laundry room only contains the items you need to get the laundry done. If you’ve fallen in the habit of using your laundry room to store random junk and clutter, clear that stuff out…it belongs elsewhere. Another thing to get rid of? Those stray solo socks that have yet to find their match.
  2. Once you’ve de-cluttered, make sure that you have all of the tools you need to conquer your laundry tasks, including, detergent, bleach, fabric softener and stain remover. Store all of these items in one place, so you aren’t searching for them. If you don’t have cabinets in your laundry room, consider a stylish basket or this handy cart.
  3. Keep a laminated stain chart somewhere handy so you know exactly how to tackle any stain that comes your way.
  4. Designate a drying area: for items that can’t go into the dryer, designate an area, such as a drying rack. If you don’t have space for a clothes rod, there’s lots of great solutions, ranging from the economical hanging system, a moderately-priced wall-mounted retractable rack, and a wall-mounted fold-down rack.
  5. After items have been dried they need to be folded and put away. Designate a space (either in your laundry room or elsewhere if you are challenged for space) where clothing gets folded and organized into separate baskets so family members can gather their basket put their clean clothing away.

That’s it…you’re done with this month’s organization project! Now take a look around…do you feel your laundry room could benefit from brighter task lighting? Maybe you’d like us to install one of those handy wall-mounted racks! Call us at 1-800-88-HANDY for a free, no-obligation project estimate. We’re committed to providing you with dependable and skilled handymen, great customer service, and first class workmanship — guaranteed!

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